Michael Van Huffel - Stunning 4 pack greeting cards

Michael Van Huffel - Stunning 4 pack greeting cards

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These beautiful greeting cards where created by Artist Michael Van Huffel who was given his start by Prince in 1994. Beginning as assistant to Steve Parke, eventually contributing as a Paisley Park art director & designer. 
 Later moving to Los Angeles, he worked as an animator & Creative Director in television and film. He continued to work for Prince on various projects until 2000.
 In 2008,

Michael became ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, a mysterious & debilitating disease thought to be neuroimmune in origin. He became largely confined to one room in ongoing treatment, unable to do things he once did. Needing a creative outlet and trying to find something beautiful or interesting in very limited surroundings, he began taking photos in his room. The effects are in-camera (no photo illustration). 

Proceeds from the sale of these greeting cards go to help with the continued cost for Michael's healthcare.

Follow Michael on Instagram, @michaelsvh