'Studio A' Candles 1991-1996

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The unique scent of ‘Studio A’ between 1991 and 1996, according to those who frequented the space (and were also tasked to shop for the candles whose scent filled it) report the sweet scent at that particular time was a result of two different candles lit over and over usually simultaneously within the space.

However, when what was deemed the adequate or perfect blend of those candles emerged, one or the other candle was snuffed out, then often then later relit to maintain the commingled scent balance to Prince's satisfaction that day with the assistance of the state of the art air filtration system at Paisley

PRN Alumni Foundations’s exclusive candle began with an exhaustively well researched scent profile of each of those two long discontinued single candles with an industry expert.

The blend was formulated, adjusted, readjusted and refined, burn tested many times until former Paisley Park Studio Engineer, Shane T. Keller, deemed this creation a match to his memory of recording the music of Prince within the space during his five years as Prince’s personal Engineer. We figure Shane would know best having once clocked in a whopping 160 hours in a single work week!

The materials of our candle have of course been upgraded from the paraffin wax commonly used in commercial candles in the nineties to premium quality natural soy wax to provide a non toxic burn.

We've also added two additional wicks to disperse the scent, and a natural wood lid.

 Scent profile:

Custom and proprietary blend of lucious black cherry with natural fragrance oils and a cloud of soft creamy vanilla.

 Candle Specs:

  • Custom proprietary scent blend mixed to our specifications
  • Hand poured with love by award winning professional Chandlers
  • 100% All Natural clean burning Soy Wax
  • 10 ounce
  • 40-45 hour burn time
  • 3 crackling Wood Wicks
  • All components Made in the U.S.A.

Wicks should be trimmed prior to each relighting.  Soy wax and wooden wicks should not create soot - if your soy candle is creating soot, the wick is most likely too long.  

WOODEN WICK CARE: Wicks should be no taller than 1/4" above the wax surface.  To trim wicks, extinguish the candle, let wax reharden completely then trim wick to 1/4" above surface of the wax.  With wooden wicks, this can easily be done by reaching in with a tissue and grabbing the tip of the wick firmly.  Any overly charred bits will break off into the tissue and whatever is left behind is usually very close to the desired wick length.  

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